The Option-Graph Project

Add Titles

If you are not already looking at your Visual Basic project form design, click the tab that says "Form1.vb[Design]".

In the Toolbox, find "Containers", click on "Panel", and then click on your form, but not on the panel with the other controls.

Change the new Panel Properties:

  • Size : 718,32
  • BackColor : anything you like, the example uses "Khaki"

Now click on the new Panel. You should see some arrows, which indicate that you can move the Panel. Use your computer's arrow keys to move the new Panel directly over the Panel with the controls.

Now referring to the picture, select "Label" from the Toolbox, then click on the Panel, and set the Properties for Text and Location as shown below. Then add another label and set the Properties, and so on.

The Names of the labels are not important, be sure you are changing the Text Property.

The Labels that appear to be on two lines, such as "Stock Price at Entry", are actually two separate labels with the Text Properties "Stock Price" and "at Entry".

The Property for Text and Location of the labels, from left to right, is as follows. Remember you can copy and paste these settings to the Immediate Window for reference, and you can move labels to their Location by using your computer's arrow keys.

  • (Option Type) 11,16
  • (Contracts) 90,16
  • (Entry Date)159,16
  • (Stock Price) 240,5
  • (at Entry) 248,16
  • (Strike Price) 305,16
  • (Expiration Date) 374,16
  • (Prev /) 453,5
  • (Next) 457,16
  • (Option) 501,5
  • (Price) 504,16
  • (IV) 570,16
  • (Value) 644,16

Save your project.

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