The Option-Graph Project

Add Price and Implied Volatility Buttons

     We are going to make our option calculator a more useful tool by allowing it to make two different types of calculations. We will do this by adding two button controls now, and the code behind them later.

     One button will calculate the option price if you already know the Implied Volatility.

     The other button will calculate the Implied Volatility if you already know the option price.

     See the page "Ways to use the Option Calculator" for examples of how each type of calculation will come in handy.

     For now, we just need to be able to tell the program which way we want to use it. In Design View, add the three controls and their Properties as shown below:

Control: Panel


  • BackColor : LightBlue
  • Size : 718,32

    Control: Button


  • Name: B_FindPrice
  • BackColor: Salmon
  • Text : Find Price
  • Location : 475,6
  • Size: 69,20

Control: Button


  • Name: B_FindIV
  • BackColor: LightGreen
  • Text : Find IV
  • Location : 552,6
  • Size: 69,20
Save your project.
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