The Option-Graph Project

Basic Option Graph


Basic Option Graph is available in three ways.

Each way gives the exact same end result - a fully functional copy of Basic Option Graph.

However you choose to obtain the program, it is for your personal use only. No part of the program is licensed for resale or distribution.


Website Files

Basic Option Graph is freely available on this website by simply following the steps (starting with the Option Calculator) on the
Home Page.

Visual Basic Project Files Buy Now

This download contains all the form design and code done for you. Order this download if you:

  • Want to use Visual Basic
  • Want to learn programming or study the code.
  • Want to be able to customize the design or code for your needs.
  • Want to save time as opposed to following the instructions on the website.

Installing the Project Files will take about 10 to 15 minutes. You can read the steps involved on the Project Files Installation page before choosing this option.

Finished Program Buy Now

This download is the finished .exe file only. You do not need Visual Basic to use the program. Order this download if you:

  • Do not want to use Visual Basic, study the code, or customize the program.
  • Just want to use the program.

The finished program has certain requirements, which most any modern Windows computer will meet. You can read about the requirements on the Finished Program Requirements page.

The finished program may also give you a security warning. Please read about this on the Finished Program Requirements page before purchasing this download option.


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