The Option-Graph Project

Basic Option Graph Step 11

Make the .EXE File

 If your Basic Option Graph Project passed the testing in the previous step, it is time to make the final .exe file, which turns the Visual Basic Project into a stand-alone Windows program.

Before making the .exe, you may want to add an Icon to the Project. If you do not add an Icon, Windows will use a default generic Icon in the Taskbar or on your Desktop. See this page for information on adding an Icon:

Adding an Icon.

With the Basic Option Graph Project open in Visual Basic, click on the "Project" menu and then "Publish Basic Option Graph". A screen will open that says "Where do you want to publish the application?".

You want to accept the default answers from all the remaining screens, so you can just click the "Finish" button at any time.

When Visual Basic "Publishes" a program, it makes an .exe file and a bunch of other files to enable "installing" it on your computer or anyone else's computer.

"Installing" a program means it will show up on your Windows Start menu, and it can be "Uninstalled" later by using Windows Control Panel to remove it from your computer.

"Installing" is not necessary and we do not recommend it. If you write your own programs or want to modify programs, it just adds unnecessary steps to the process. You will find yourself "installing" and "uninstalling" your programs over and over.

You can use the .exe file just as it is, by double-clicking it from the directory it is in, or by dragging the .exe file from within Windows Explorer to your taskbar and "pinning" it there, or by dragging it to your desktop. If you ever need to get rid of the .exe you can just delete it.

The only difference as far as using the .exe file directly will be that it will not show up on your Windows Start menu.

If you installed Visual Basic to the default directory, the location of the .exe file should be:

C:\Users\(User Name)\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Projects\Basic Option Graph\Basic Option Graph\bin\Debug\Basic Option Graph.exe

*** There will be another .exe in the same directory named "Basic Option Graph.vshost.exe". That is not the .exe you want to use to run the program.

The easiest thing to do is find the Basic Option Graph.exe in Windows Explorer, drag it to your taskbar, and "pin" it there (assuming you are using Windows 7). Then you can run it with a single click. If you ever don't want it, right click on the icon on the taskbar, and select "Unpin this program from taskbar".

Congratulations on your completed project! Be sure and read the next section for several different useful ways to use Basic Option Graph.


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