The Option-Graph Project

Basic Option Graph Step 1

Create a New Project based on the Option Calculator

 The Basic Option Graph Project will build on the interface and functions we have already created for the Option Calculator. If you have not already completed the Option Calculator, do that before starting this Project.

In order to keep both the original Option Calculator Project and the new Basic Option Graph Project on your computer, the first step is to copy the Option Calculator Project in a special way. You might think that you could just use "Save As" from the File menu in Visual Basic to save a copy of the Option Calculator Project with a new name, but Visual Basic does not work like that. If you use "Save As", you will NOT create a new and separate Project.

Instead, follow these steps to make a new and entirely separate Project, but which retains all of the code and design you have already created:

Open the Option Calculator Project in Visual Basic. From the File Menu, select "Export Template". As answers to the questions that follow, choose:

  • Template type: Project Template
  • From which Project?: Option Calculator
  • Template Name: Option Calculator Template

Accept the defaults for everything else, and click Finish.

Now from the Visual Basic File Menu, select "New Project". You will get a screen showing the Project types you can create. The Template you just made should be on the list, as "Option Calculator Template". Select it. Change the name of the Project from "Option Calculator Template 1" to "Basic Option Graph" and click "OK".

Visual Basic will show a blank Project Screen, but on the right side of your screen you should see the Name "Basic Option Graph" in the "Solution Explorer" window. Below "Basic Option Graph" you should see some names you are already familiar with from the previous Project. Click on each of the following names in turn, then click the "View Code" icon in the Solution Explorer Menu bar:

  • OptionCalcs.vb
  • EquityOption.vb
  • Form1.vb

Also select Form1.vb again in Solution Explorer and click on the "View Designer" icon in the Solution Explorer Menu bar.

Select the tab that says "Form1.vb [Design]". Click on the blue title bar of Form1. Look in the Property Window, find the Text Property, and change it from "Option Calculator" to "Basic Option Graph".

Now you have your entire previous project recreated, but with a new name.

From the Visual Basic File Menu, select "Save All" and save the project with the name "Basic Option Graph". Now there are two separate Projects on your hard drive, the "Option Calculator" and "Basic Option Graph", and working on one will not disturb the other.

Also, you have Option Calculator as a Template, so if you ever want to experiment with your own custom code, you can start a new Project from the Template as outlined above, and your new code will not affect the code in Option Calculator.


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